Music Monitor – Recherche’ “Thoughts from a raped soul…” (1994)

Review Source: Music Monitor, February 1994
Artist: Recherche’: (pre-t.o.t.s.)
Release: Thoughts from a raped soul…
Label: Facility Records

There is a change in the typical Norfolk post-grunge, post-classic rock scene with the industrial creation Recherche’. The 6-track EP, titled Thoughs from a raped soul…, encompasses a variety of musical tastes and influences from early Ministry to modern New Age. Thoughts . . . begins with “Insensate,” a gothic-toned, drumming chant of begging questions. What follows is a more upbeat and danceable “Subdued,” with driving, angry lyrics. “Liar” brings a triple voice overlay of hate backed by a driving, fierce beat. Thoughts . . . then moves away from its fierce discomfort to the almost playful “One Fly Song.” The techno beat, mixed with exploding sound effects, draw you into the pop sound of “Fetus 1.” “The Wait” closes the EP with powerful hypnotic water sounds and dark electronic poetry. A wide variety of influences and experimentation allows Recherche’ to create moods, not just change them.

— David S. Hewett



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