Space Junkies – THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN “YKIAA” (2005)

Review Source: Space Junkies Magazine
Release: You Knew It All Along
Label: Facility Records

It’s amazing how packaging, image and presentation play a huge role on the reaction you have to an album. THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN comes off sounding like your typical electro-industrial metal band – scratchy digi-vocals, lots of electronics, bizarre sound effects and more – BUT the way the music was presented in such a visual manner is what initially attracted my attention. In some cases “image IS everything” and THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN definitely have an image that suits them and their music very well. “You Knew It All Along” was a good album, it took me awhile to get into it because I spent most of the time trying to pick up on the lyrical content; that to my ears was buried beneath the electronics and synths. However, if you’re the type that only listens to the music and not the words and enjoy industrial styles of music, you’ll love this 22-track album. There are lots of good remixes on this as well from artists like hEADaCHE, Flood Damage, The Gothsicles and others.

-review by Wednesday Elektra




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