Spill Magazine, The – The Qualia “Memorial Gore” (2011)

The Qualia
Memorial Gore (EP)
WTII Records

Sometimes musical genres undermine the artistic range of bands, and other times they are more ambiguous than they are specific and fail to accurately classify the band’s music. The Qualia find themselves under the vast umbrella of Electro/Pop, which invokes an all too common expectation for what the music will sound like. In The Qualia’s case, the music on their new EP Memorial Gore exceeds the vapid ‘Electro/Pop’ label and becomes something more… interesting. The distinct quality of The Qualia’s song-writing that makes their music worthy of a less diminishing and less deprecating label is their desire to write songs that are different from each other. Each subsequent track on the EP has a distinct sound because the band doesn’t contain themselves within the expectations of a single genre. The Qualia explore different styles, tones, and sounds and infuse their ostensibly Electro/Pop style with a fresh sound. The first song on the album does little to support what I’m saying, on the surface it is an electronic pop song, but the band immediately transforms their music for the second tune with a more post-rock inspired sound, and they continue to explore new regions of their song-writing abilities from there. By the fourth track, “Keep it Coming,” you’ll be amazed that you are listening to the same band that wrote the first song of this Ep. The band keeps you interested, they keep you guessing, while never over-stepping their boundaries as musicians.

– Joe Fava






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