March of the Lemmings

The image to the left is from the film “Diggstown”. It’s about scam artists. It’s about boxers. It’s about who is or isn’t telling the truth. It’s a comedy.

Below are snapshots of a number of the days headlines after the second Presidential debate between Obama and Romney. Apparently, whatever had happened the night before was a comedy about scam artists, who or who isn’t telling the truth and well… boxing?

“Blow to Blow”. See what they did there? BAM. As in oBAMa. Get it? Maybe I should read… oh wait, Newsday has something about an attack, let’s see…
“On the Attack” and also the heat is getting turned up. That sounds serious.
 and now we get to “Bam Boom”. It’s also fierce and there is punching now. Because you know, that’s what makes “Bam Boom” sounds.
 “Candidates Tangle in Fractious Debate”. Fucking hilarious. Seriously. “Bam Boom” for the crowd into more syllables but wanting the exact same sentiment and content.
 “Obama and Romney Clash in a Debate With Biting Exchanges and If I Keep Writing the Longest Headline Ever No One Will Notice I’m Really Saying “Bam Boom””.






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