Vital Weekly #867 – Chvad SB “Rotation” (2013)

Here’s a bit of mystery. Two labels joining hands to release a CDR compilation of dark ambient music. Why would you want to do that, I was thinking. Of the ten participating bands there are only two whose names I recognize (which proofs once again the musical world is indeed an infinite universe), being Controlled Bleeding and Dead Voices On Air, and only the latter offers an unreleased piece. Seven of the ten pieces are unreleased, which brings us perhaps to another mystery. Why would you want to re-release tracks by these unknown acts, why not all new? All that aside, this compilation lives up to it’s name of a dark ambient one, more perhaps than an experimental one. Deep synth rumble, the lower end of the keyboard pressed with the infinite settings of attack/decay/sustain/release/ all the way up and on top an occasional extra instrument, such as the piano of both Chvad SB and Dead Voices On Air. Most of these pieces are pretty long, with ‘The Poisoner (Part 2, excerpt)’ by Controlled Bleeding the longest. All of the small differences of the world of ambient drops by, from plain drone to cosmic music, from carefully lulling sounds and more harsher textures, and even dashes of rhythm by Saemskin. Field recordings seem absent, oddly enough, except perhaps in the piece by Secant Prime. We also have music by Ateis, Roth Mobot, Words On Water, Ambient Mechanics and Herwig Holzmann. The 2013 version of the ‘Isolationism’ and ‘Endless’ compilations of the 90s? Perhaps indeed, but also perhaps not the most original release of the week, despite the quality of the music.

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