Maynard’s Horror Movie Diary – Chvad SB “GUT” (2014)

Chvad’s somber and melancholy score works excellent in “Gut” (by Boston-based director Elias), perfectly accompanying the haunting and sinister atmosphere of the film with all its scares, shocks and thrills. Unfortunately, the music doesn’t really stands on its own without imagery.

1. Let’s Hang Out (0:53)
2. Shower Staring Sleeping (2:07)
3. The Lonely Diner (2:53) 4. The Talk (1:50) 5. Under Skin (2:12) 6. Tense At Work (1:43) 7. Poison (3:21) 8. The Second Viewing (2:13) 9. Love Your Wife (0:37) 10. Third Time’s The Charm (1:51) 11. The Transition (4:52) 12. Detachment (1:40) 13. Close To Home (3:40) 14. The Conversation (4:25) 15. From A Distance (3:17) 16. The Call The Fight (4:16) 17. Drive (3:01) 18. The End Of Things (6:37)

The entire score is very minimalistic, consisting of quivering guitars (at times pulsating, at times swirling), intense bass lines and some superb electronic stuff. Unfortunately, half of the CD is very difficult to listen to. No, not in a “Crickets”-kinda way where you know that it’ll get better with every listen, but in a rather tedious and tiresome kinda way that prevents you from listen to it on repeat, mainly due to the fact that most tracks pretty much sound the same.

There are several songs I could listen to over and over, like the slightly depressing “The Lonely Diner”, the creepy “Close To Home” or the somehow Eraserhead-like “Drive” – but there are also several tunes that bore the fuck out of me, like the unnerving “The End of Things”, or the rather tiresome “Poison”.

Final verdict: just like the movie wouldn’t be that good without the music, the “Gut” score just isn’t that good without the movie.

Rating – 5/10

Review by; Maynard

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