Tomatrax – Chvad SB “Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree” (2015)

The latest in Silber Records’ 5in5 series comes from experimental music pioneer Chvad SB. On offer are 5 ambient drone tunes each going for exactly 1 minute. There are some interesting sounds explored with a rich atmosphere. There is the field like rural sounds of Followed by one, the heavy industrial sounds of Three, and the dark spooky Missing sprout.

The trouble is the songs’ extreme brevity don’t bode well for the ambient style of the music. With only 1 minute they all finish before they really get going and thus fail to really achieve the feeling of an audio journey. Instead it feels like just a teaser of what could be.

Overall this is quite a good effort as far as a 5in5 challenge goes. It feels like the limit of 5 minutes holds the tracks back a little, nevertheless this acts as a great preview of the band’s capability!

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