Kaiju Temple, a new kaiju themed compilation featuring Chvad SB is OUT NOW!

It was only natural that Joe Badon would make his Terra Kaiju comic. A story of love, sacrifice, & revenge inspired by the giant monster & samurai movies that Joe grew up on. Silber is pleased to be part of his story with the soundtrack for his baby, Kaiju Temple.

What would the fitting sounds be for giant monsters? For us, clearly experimental noise. Varying from drone to caustic, aggressive to soothing, familiar to unworldly, the sounds simultaneously reflect the individual visions of the contributors & the larger vision of Terra Kaiju. Read the comic, listen to the soundtrack, & be completely immersed in a world of giant monsters, desperation, & hope.

Small Life Form, Chvad SB, Goddakk, IANTH, Clang Quartet, Dathon, Electric Bird Noise, Baptizer, Bryce Eiman, Emperor Sumo, M is We, Mhek, Blues Alias, Llarks, Promute, The Band That Wouldn’t Die, Northern Valentine, Remora

AVAILABLE NOW: http://www.silbermedia.com/comps/kaijutemple

Listen to “Mainland March” by Chvad SB NOW:






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