Pineapple Headgirl (1993), unreleased

The story:
While working at The Nightmare Mansion in Virginia Beach, VA. (a mostly year round haunted attraction then called The Haunted Mansion) there was a girl that came by the Mansion a few times. She had red hair, the sides shaved with a grid like pattern and a ponytail. I can’t remember her name or if I even knew it. The name Pineapple Headgirl got tossed around the place in reference to her. I can’t remember who came up with the name first. This track is a response to that. I later did a character/comic called Mr. Smileyface Headman. I thought maybe there’d be a “head-something” theme somewhere at some point but it never really progressed farther than that. I did create an animation for this around the same year. If I ever find it I’ll post it here.

Tech details:
I didn’t have a guitar yet so the “guitar” in this is an organ sound from a Kawai K-1 synthesizer run through the guitar preset on a Boss SE-50 effects processor, the drums are from the Boss Dr. 220e and it was recorded on a Yamaha MT-120 four-track.






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