Aiding & Abetting – The Qualia “Cotillion Knives” (2016)

So what if I told you there was a band that paired near-perfect indie pop hooks with goofy disco-laden EDM? The Qualia doesn’t do that, exactly, but it tends to veer between those sounds. In any case, the hooks remain near-perfect.

Some albums are pure enjoyment from the start to the finish, easy on the ears even as they tickle the mind. This is one of those. The water is warm and the seas are inviting. Pretty much perfect for the end of summer.

I think what works best here is the seamless combination of keyboards and garage guitars. Ace songwriting helps, of course, but there aren’t many bands out there that can merge guitar and keys like this. New Order comes to mind, except that the Qualia mixes its tempos and dynamics far too much to make any comparison like that.

This one feels like a slow dawn on a steamy morning. You know the burn is coming, but for now it still feels good to luxuriate in the tempered rays. Watch the sandpipers run and forget about going back to work next week. This one is for right now.

The more times I hear this, the more addicted I get. For all of its easy accessibility, Cotillion Knives is a layer cake of pleasure. There’s always something else to find. Spectacular.

Review by; Jon Worley
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