Beach Sloth – Chvad SB “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” (2016)

Chvad SB’s “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” recalls the early days of early electronic composition. With a playful quality that is built into the song’s DNA the way the piece unfurls gives it a natural, airy feeling to it. Textural elements simply stun as Chvad SB allows nothing to sit still. Over the course of the piece tempo, melody, structure, these exist only in the smallest possible amount. Utmost attention is given to the journey of the sounds as they burrow down further, deeper down into the rabbit holes of sound. Letting these sounds bounce off of each other creates something that feels very gorgeous indeed.

For the first part of the piece the sounds move about quite gingerly. Nothing remains around for too long as the way the sounds dissolve into silence feels quite compelling. Moments of the song almost intersect with more traditional ambient atmospheres yet these are around for only a short while before Chvad SB returns once more to the flux. Tension reigns throughout the composition as the song evolves in a unique way. By letting the sound build itself up Chvad SB at times lets multiple layers come together to deliver an almost symphonic approach. On the very last stretch of the sound everything comes together into a series of piercing tones before slowly fading out.

“Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” explores a rarely visited upon corner of electronic composition, one that Chvad SB dutifully pays homage to throughout their glistening glowing tones.

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