Big Takeover, The – Controlled Bleeding “Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps” (2017)

Former BT contributor Paul Lemos has never been one to sit still. Over 38 years, he has released nearly 40 albums spanning various genres, suffered the deaths of his closest bandmates and reconfigured Controlled Bleeding into what is arguably one of its strongest lineups. Larva continues in the punk prog style he resurrected late last decade, with an emphasis on the prog element of concept; i.e., the five-part story of a serial killer’s night out told as driving, spaced-out instrumentals, something between The Cows and Boredoms, atmospheric lounge, and nightmarish psychedelic noise – which gets inside the character’s mind. Additionally, a second disc documents a live session recorded by the legendary Martin Bisi in 2012, where Lemos’ dexterous fingers simultaneously recall Robert Fripp, Richard Pinhas, and John McLaughlin over several instrumentals. Wow. 






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