Rocktron Hush, The Pedal

The Rocktron Hush pedal is a noise reduction pedal with a super simplistic design and if used for the right type of noise it can be pretty effective. The Hush pedal is not a noise gate so it shouldn’t be confused with one. Unlike a noise gate. the Hush doesn’t clamp down on noise around a specified threshold, it attempts to remove the actual noise from the signal with what I am assuming is some type of phase inversion. On slight humming or dirty pickups this is pretty effective. Using the threshold knob you can determine the amount of noise reduction applied and up to about 75% you can remove noise with little audible loss to the signal. Past 75% the is a definite loss in tone in higher frequencies. This pedal is best applied directly out of the guitar before any other pedals. The Hush sitting post-distortion is entirely ineffective. This won’t solve any grounding issues you may be having either. If you are suffering ground related hum look elsewhere. I get the feeling a lot of people look to this pedal for the wrong reasons and post some pretty negative stuff about it but for what this pedal is intended it does its job extremely well.

-Chvad SB





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