.The Qualia.


The Qualia: I was with the Qualia from 2006/2007 to 2017. Awesome musicians and the best of friends. I stepped away from the band as I found myself with less time to focus on and develop other projects I’d had in my head for many years and found myself wanting to create material that didn’t seem to fit well with the band anymore.  The Qualia is run by Lars Casteen and was signed to WTII in Chicago, IL.. prior to leaving the label and independently releasing albums. Aside from playing synths on occasion for t.o.t.s. live, this is my first major endeavor with synthesizers on stage. Lars’ music is significantly different than my own and that plays a big part in my wanting to perform with The Qualia… new ways to approach things. Check out The Qualia out here: www.thequalia.com.



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