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  • Film Threat – Chvad “GUT” (2013)

    The killing starts early in Gut, but it will take a while for the viewer to figure out just what’s going on…. but that’s the creepy fun here. Just out on DVD and most streaming sites after a year at various horror film festivals (including DC’s own Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival last October),…

  • Cinematic Shocks – Chvad SB “GUT” 2012

    INDIE SHOCKS: Gut (2012) ‘Gut’ opens with a sudden act of violence with a murder being committed. We hear the diegetic sound of difficult breathing and choking as someone’s life slips away from them playing over the opening credits against a black background. Fading in to a close-up shot, we see a man with blood…

  • Korg Monotron Jam

    A Quick jam I tossed together using only the Korg Monotron and a bit of delay and reverb.