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  • Avant Music News – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass”

    An album cover displaying a drawing of a little pooch looking lost and worried in a post-nuclear landscape (by cartoonist Richard Sala) sets you up for a bad time from the get-go. And Crickets Were the Compass does indeed open by howling like an air raid siren, with lone guitar notes seeking somewhere to flee. His liner notes however […]

  • Soundprojector, The – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

    Some strangely affecting moments on Chvad SB’s Crickets Were The Compass (SILBER RECORDS NO NUMBER). This American experimental droner has been active for over 20 years with his band and solo work. Here he works against the trend towards “lushness” in ambient electronica, and his empty-stage pulsations and eerie bleak tones hint at inner darkness […]

  • Chain D.L.K. – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

    The cover art of Crickets Were The Compass depicts beautifully in ink and watercolour a grainy, post-apocalyptic landscape strewn with grim, colourless debris. A solitary dog stands in the foreground, dolefully glancing about; after an unspecified disaster, life has inevitably found a way. As much is reinforced by brief elaborations upon each of the tracks’ […]

  • Beach Sloth – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

    Chvad SB knows what it means to be harsh. On Crickets Were The Compass Chvad SB makes sure to keep things distorted. Everything filters through a similar sound of slow collapse like at any moment true hell could be potentially unleashed. Thanks to Chvad SB’s idea of restraint this never quite happens. Instead the pieces […]

  • Staf Magazine – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

    En seis canciones Chvad SB establece un tono de mal humor lleno de vibraciones misteriosas que en su mayoría son inquietantes y a veces, melódicas. Los paisajes sonoros cuentan una historia. Sobre todo un sutil zumbido establece el tono, mientras que los sonidos posteriores parecen como el de las películas de terror. Creando una corriente […]

  • Ox Fanzine – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

    Musiker und Label schätzen sich. Keine Selbstverständlichkeit. Das Menschliche, so der Info-Text weiter, stehe in seiner Musik genauso im Vordergrund wie das Akustische. Und dann: Die Veröffentlichung beinhalte ein Testament des Verlusts und beschäftige sich mit lieb gewonnenen Erinnerungen und wie diese loszulassen seien. Ich verstehe nicht, warum ein Mensch das als handelnde Person überhaupt […]