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  • Bandcamp Interview and Feature, Controlled Bleeding (2017)

    Experimental Groundbreakers Controlled Bleeding Straddle the Primal and Cerebral Controlled Bleeding bandleader and guitarist Paul Lemos isn’t the type of artist you can pigeonhole. Since founding Controlled Bleeding in Boston in the late ‘70s, Lemos has led the band through a dizzying array of musical styles including post-punk, fusion, power electronics, and industrial, to name just […]

  • QRD Interview with Chvad SB (2015)

    From QRD #74: QRD – What was your first guitar & what happened to it? Chvad – My first guitar was my Opa’s 1960-ish Sears Silvertone. I beat it up a lot over the years, but I still have it. I get really emotionally attached to instruments. I can’t see ever parting ways with it. […]