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  • Too Many Sebastians – The Qualia “Secret Weapon” (2010)

    The Qualia is an electro-pop band from New York. They got in contact with us after we posted some stuff from The Diogenes Club, because they have a remix from them. As we are already gathering, The Diogenes Club only do ‘very good’ and this remix is exactly that. ニューヨークのエレクトロポップバンドThe Qualia。どうやら彼らはThe Diogenes Clubのリミックスをつくったようで、私達がポスト後に連絡を頂きました。The Diogenes Clubは素敵なトラックを作ると信頼していますが、このリミックスだって負けてません。…

  • Christmas Bird 09

    Christmas Bird 09, originally uploaded by chvad_sb. Christmas morning in Bushwick.