GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 01: The scene.

A good while ago my close friend Elias announced he’d be shooting a feature. I’ve been creating music for this guy ever since we started shooting stuff on VHS way back in 1993 so when he decided to shoot a feature length film the decision to do the music was a no-brainer. This blog is going to document my experiences creating and recording this score. The film has been shot and cut. The FX are done. Basically the movie is waiting on its music. The problem is this… my studio has been packed and in storage for almost 9 months now (see my previous blog “Back to Bugville”) but despite that,  the creation of this music can no longer be delayed. So… I’ve raided storage, stashed things in an alternate work space that I’ll be recording in after hours with a portable recording setup and a minimal selection of gear that I hope will ultimately work well for the film.

In the next entry I’ll explain the setup and gear…





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