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  • GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 04: elaborate nothingness

    I wrote my last blog entry about the GUT score back in Jan. 21st. Today, roughly 6 months later, is July 26th. I won’t win any awards for most updated blog but at least I can say that the music for the film has been completed. Completed this past weekend as a matter of fact… […]

  • GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 03: Two Steps Back or Is He Dead?

    Writing music for me is a very isolated process. I think better when alone in the studio and I’m far more comfortable making mistakes without others around to witness them. I like the dark studio with only the dim glow of my computer monitor lighting the room and a clutter of cables and gear surrounding […]

  • GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 02: The stuff.

    I’ve known since my first screening of “Gut” the type of tone I wanted to establish for the soundtrack. Brooding, rhythmic, droning. In the back of my mind, I instantly recalled Howard Shore’s soundtrack for Cronenberg’s “Crash”. The slow dirge that moves on regardless of the action but more on intention. Now, due to most […]

  • GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 01: The scene.

    A good while ago my close friend Elias announced he’d be shooting a feature. I’ve been creating music for this guy ever since we started shooting stuff on VHS way back in 1993 so when he decided to shoot a feature length film the decision to do the music was a no-brainer. This blog is […]