Horror Movie Diary – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

GUT (2012)
Director: Elias

Omg that was… WOW!! Stuff like that pleases Maynard :) “Gut” is the second feature length movie of Boston-based writer / director / producer Elias – and what a film this is! I went into it with no expectations and ended up completely blown away by the fascinating story of two friends who get to see a disturbing video (kinda Snuff) that creeps into their minds and changes both their lives in dramatic ways.

 “Gut” is an intense and stunningly gripping psychological horror movie that knows how to unsettle you. With a haunting and weirdly depressing atmopshere that reminds me of this year’s short-film masterpiece “Familiar”, eerie images that are probably inspired by Cronenberg’s early 80s body-horror and several plot elememts / plot points from “8MM”, director Elias created a slow but well-paced, well-built little shocker that somehow creeped the shit outta me.

 Chad Bernhard’s (a.k.a Chvad SB) minimalistic soundtrack is extremely effective, highly intriguing and totally gets under your skin. The gore effects look believable, camera work and lighting are superb, and the editing is neat.

 There’s lots of tense and really suspenseful scenes, many beautiful and/or bizarrely erotic scenes, some gorgeous nudity, awesome dream sequences and a really painful ending that turned me into an emotional wreck.

 Best of all, the brilliant cast: Jason Vail gives a chilling performance as husband who slowly loses control of things, the uber-pretty and natural Sarah Schoofs as sorrowful wife, the strangely mesmerizing Nicholas Wilder and the amusing Angie Bullaro.

 A gut-wrenching but absolutely excellent indie-flick, highly recommended to fans of awesome low-budget stuff like “Ludlow” or “Of Silence”.

 Big Thanks to Anna Ganster (Gut Productions) for providing me with a screener!

Review by:
Maynard Morrissey

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