Vital Weekly #868 – Chvad SB “GUT” (2013)

CHVAD SB – GUT (CDR by Facility Records)
GUT is a film about two friends Tom and Dan who have a fascination for horror films. Both operate at the same office, have lunch together, make the occasional joke and drink beers while enjoying a bloody film. At one point, Dan has a very realistic clinical horror movie and friendship begins to falter. The atmosphere of the film GUT is slow, there are many observations of what is happening, fixed camera positions and an oppressive atmosphere by the distance that exists between people and occasionally interrupted in family circumstances or during lunch at a coffee shop. The theme of dulling of sensation and can feel something through the eye of the camera or screen in this film is a theme in this movie. Especially the miscommunication and what impact that has has been well mapped. The soundtrack was created by Chvad SB and is made with guitar and effects. The music fits in perfectly with the film. It’s simple, threatening, slow and has few layers. The power of (the) music lies mainly in its simplicity. Eighteen tracks come over and take you to quiet moments and to the deeper depths of the soul. Chvad SB lives and works in Brooklyn – New York and makes music since 1991. The soundtrack for the movie GUT was released on his own label Facility Records. In the film, the soundtrack is a pleasant addition to the image, but (the) music is also very rewarding to listen to in a dark room and you can create your own images in your mind.

Review originally published in Vital Weekly number 868, week 6.
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