Music Guide to the Galaxy – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

Those of you who read my Gut movie review (here), might remember me saying the music had a sort of a eerie electronic vibe, affordable but haunting.

Well good news, Chvad SB (the artist from the Gut soundtrack) has released an album titled “Crickets Were The Compass”. While only having 6 songs it clocks in at a whopping 47 minutes of music that’s a whole lotta bang for you buck. The music is best described as more of electronic eerie drone music. The sort that you have to listen to with your eyes closed and your mind free to think a story with the music. I feel its excellent stuff for any indie movie maker to use. It’s not a release I would recommend playing at a party or just in the car, it’s stuff you need to be in the mood for. And that might be the album biggest fault, it IS long and frankly hard to sit through in one sitting. I had to take a break in between listening because I was loosing focus of the music.

The artwork is done by Richard Sala (, its well done. It really captures the feel of desolation, loneliness and sense of having lost something. It fits the moody music well.

Since its purely instrumental their is no need for lyrics so I can see why they didn’t include a booklet in the release but still It would be great to have even some more artwork and maybe some fotos in a separate booklet next time.

Concluding, what we have here is scary, eerie and a good soundtrack to slowly getting insane. No rating this time because its truly something you like or not. Give it a try.

Review by Tim
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