Immediacy – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

Though complicated in name, Chvad SB’s Crickets Were the Compass is even moreso in delivery, which is why it’s a long term reward (as is learning the name).

Crickets Were the Compass is both the darkest metal and drone, and though it doesn’t rely too heavily on either, the elements are still present enough to label it both so fans of the genres are keen to find it.

In reality, Crickets Were the Compass is far more rudimentary in its presentation though not in composition. Chvad is more akin to Loren Connors or Alan Licht, using the dark space of silence and anticipation to guide his thought projects. The meatiest of this ruminations occur in the middle of the album: “The Dust Cloud Permeates” and “People Keep Asking and I Say You’re Well.”

Both are haunting enough in title to project one’s own experiences but “The Dust Cloud Permeates” is a particular, airy piece that mimics specs floating in a beam of sunlight only to be broken by shade. “People Keep Asking” is heart-wrenching as the aggressive static of doubt battles with sharp tinges of hope.

It’s a lonely world out there. Having Chvad SB providing a soundtrack makes it a little less so.

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