Beach Sloth – Chvad SB “Structure” (2018)

Stately with its epic sprawl, Chvad SB’s “Structure” feels utterly mesmerizing. Featuring a mixture of ambient, drone, with a nod to a spaghetti western twang, the whole thing simply consumes the listener whole. Physicality dominates the two extended pieces as they explore true dream worlds. Texturally rich, Chvad SB ensures that every single element positively glistens in the air. Without needing to say a single word, a narrative begins to form throughout the album. Gestures are amplified beyond belief within this sweeping symphonic style.

Angelic with its origins, “Column” introduces the album with a tremendous amount of heart. Featuring a post-rock sort of style, the way the piece unfolds gives it a strong emotional core. Over the course of the track the buildup happens with the utmost of grace. Rather beautiful, the glistening textures and patience feel reminiscent of Eliane Radigue’s careful compositional tact. Quite soothing, the multifaceted, multilayered approach works wonders as the cyclical nature feels hypnotic. Seemingly more static than it actually is, the track transports the listener to a wholly different universe. The organ swell further emphasizes a force of nature sort of spirit, ebbing and flowing with ease. Going for a more minimal take “Pillar” ends the collection. Far eerier, “Pillar” refuses to let up, as it flirts with noise and almost pure cacophony. Industrial in tenor, the song is the harsher of the two with the guitar distortion a particularly fine touch.

Chvad SB sculpts a true piece of art with the powerful emotionally charged experimentation of “Structure”.

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