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  • Dayz of Purple and Orange – Chvad SB “Structure” (2018)

    Every now and then along comes a record that is just so beautiful….so heartstoppingly gorgeous…that you can almost feel the endorphins being released and a veil of bliss and contentment being drawn over the despair and despondency of the modern world. Well, this album is one of those. Chvad SB is a prodigious artist having produced some…

  • Beach Sloth – Chvad SB “Structure” (2018)

    Stately with its epic sprawl, Chvad SB’s “Structure” feels utterly mesmerizing. Featuring a mixture of ambient, drone, with a nod to a spaghetti western twang, the whole thing simply consumes the listener whole. Physicality dominates the two extended pieces as they explore true dream worlds. Texturally rich, Chvad SB ensures that every single element positively…

  • Chvad SB will be performing at Electro-music Fest 2014. Details inside!

    Ladies and gents! YOU CAN TUNE IN AND LISTEN! The Electro-Music Fest 2014 is underway so tune in and listen! I’ll be performing live tomorrow (Sunday Sept. 7th)  at 10:00 PM but check out all the great stuff happening now!TUNE IN HERE: http://radio.electro-music.com/index.php Event calendar and tickets here:http://event.electro-music.com