.things outside the skin.

This was my primary musical endeavor from 1993 to around 2007. Originally called “Recherche’”, the lineup changed a lot over the years with myself being the only consistent member. The last lineup had my brother Brian (Blight) on bass, Lars Casteen from The Qualia on guitar and Ericah Hagle, formally of Unto Ashes, singing. Most of my waking time revolved around t.o.t.s. but a declining interest in lyric writing and a recording contract going horribly sour left me a little numb to the project. I released a single under the name THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN in 2014, the first release in years but I’m not really sure about the future of the project. I haven’t officially shut it down but have no immediate plans for continuing it. We released two full albums, were featured on many compilations and soundtracks and recorded a third, currently unreleased record.

Go to www.totsland.com for up to date info on the band and lots of downloadable content.


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  1. Brian Blight Avatar
    Brian Blight

    This is a friendly hello to the band from another Brian Blight from Peoria,IL. Best Wishes!

  2. Chvad SB Avatar

    Nice! Greetings!

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